Thursday, December 23, 2010

30 day challenge

Day One: A Picture of Yourself With Ten Facts

 1. I'm studying to become a nurse
2. I live with my boyfriend and his family
3. I'm a zombie fanatic. 
4. I'm finally learning how to love myself again. 
5. I have few friends, but who I have I love
6. I worked at a haunted house this past Halloween. 
7. I usually do more for others than for myself. 
8. I spend wayyyy too much time on facebook. 
9. I love reading and do it every night. 
10. I love to travel and wish I could do it more. 

Lets see what the rest of the month brings!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Around the Net

I stole the idea from AOTS, but here's the weirdest video of the day. Just try to stop watching it. :D

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do I really only post once a month?! Lame!

I know it hasn't been a full month since my last post, but it's pretty damn close.

I was quite right in my prediction that the holidays would bring more interesting news. Well the only holiday to past since my last post was Thanksgiving but who the hell cares? Well Turkey Day was quite interesting, and it was my first one since moving in with the boyfriend and his family. I'm not used to big fanfare over holidays since my family has kinda waned on get togethers over the holidays since majority of the time half of em are mad at each other for some stupid reason or another.

Well needless to say I left around noonish to take Seth to Wal-Mart to get him a birthday present since his birthday unfortunately landed on the same day. We left the house with the regulars of Rene, Terry, Caden, Kyan and Trea along with Terry's sister Judy, her boyfriend and the family friend Wesley. We returned about 30-40 minutes later with like over 25 more people in the house. It was intense.

Later in the evening, while looking at black friday ad's one of trea's aunts came up and asked me to find the lowest price on a "wii-wii." I was cracking up.

I left around 11pm to begin my black friday adventure, stopping at wal-mart first, where i was only able to get a fraction of the things that i was sent out for due to miscommunications and the like. After that fiasco, I sped over to target to get in line. I was not about to let the things i wanted there sell out. Stood in line for 3 1/2 hours there in 26 degree weather. it was okay though, i met two lovely ladies that i was able to talk to, and we held spots for each other so one of us could go and pee at the white castle.

I eventually made it through target, kmart, big lots and jo-ann fabrics, before collapsing at home around 9am on friday morning. 200$ give or take spent, and majority of my christmas shopping done. Needless to say, I'll definatly do it again next year, but hopefully with a better plan.

So now its a little over a week before christmas, and life is busy but boring at the same time. I have my finals this week, which i'm not too worried about. I also have to finish my scheduling stuff for next semester and get my materials.

but hopefully I can remember to get on here and blog a little bit more before the christmas, but I wouldn't doubt that i wont. between my facebook addiction, and stuff to get done around the house, who knows. But i will definitely be preparing some more posts, and possibly even think about starting a youtube channel, so that i can do videos as well.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Over a month! Really?!

Has it honestly been over a month since my last blog post?! Wow. Time sure is flying I guess. The thing is, I don't feel like I'm as busy as I am, and I don't feel like time flies this quickly.

Well, to catch up I guess, the haunted house is over, and has been for a while. I still feel the effects of it from time to time, when I try to sing high notes or scream my voice cuts out a little bit. Other than that my vocal chords recovered with little damage. The extra money was nice to have too. I was able to save it up for Christmas gifts!

Speaking of Christmas, since Black Friday is right around the corner (this Friday to be exact), I been making out list after list. This is going to be my first year that I go Black Friday shopping and get majority of my shopping done before December. And with that money I saved back, it's going to be a pretty decent Christmas from me. Much like the year I worked at Sallie Mae, and was able to get cool stuff for everyone.

Other than all of that, well I just been spending my time working away at schoolwork, and relaxing at home with Trea and everybody. I guess I don't really have much to say, but I have a feeling that the holidays will bring more interesting news.

Friday, October 15, 2010

More Haunted House Blah Blah Blah (ripped a review that I like from a blog)

So I was browsing reviews of the haunted house, because hearing that people got freaked gets me psyched out for work. Here's one I stole from a blog on


This one was in the wooded area. And had the common theme of creepy country folk hillbilly people...

The only light sources provided are those of glowsticks. They aren't that large, either. But they have you go in groups of around 12, with 4 or 5 glowsticks sprinkled through. They only lit up about 2-3 feet in front of you if you held them up above your head, but then that made you look like a target. T_T

Granted, this was really neat because you had to follow the pathway and they had different scenarios set up. The first you encounter is an enlarged outhouse. My cousin Patrick went in and we just watched him instead. (Even the people we didn't know. We were all pansies. Yep.) And he didn't see the guy in the back corner, I was the first to see him so I screamed and bolted past everyone. >.> Ditching the nearly 9 year old... >.>;; Don't judge me, shit was scary.

They had homes that belonged to all kinds of crazy people. Like a hunter with animal bodies and furs dangling all over the ceiling. The hunter himself was scary as hell and blocked the doorway andandandandand... D: Just all kinds of heeeeeeeebeeeeeeeeeejeebees. (It needed the emphasis, you weren't there!) There was the demented mechanic's place, but I had a tough time because scared there. It was Scooter's Auto and Body Shop. So of course I giggled. C'mon and catch a riiide! Only my sister understood the reference. Anyways, what followed were abandoned homes with creaky windows, a mobile home with an old woman who sang songs and yelled at people, men in ghillie suits who just crept up out of no where, and a house with a woman behind a shower curtain. Her silhouette alone was terrifying and seeing another appear behind her to take her out... D:

There were children in the last house just sitting and chanting and praying and then you go into their closet, with clothes you have to dodge (random body parts included!), where you encounter a giant steel door. This was the home of their boogey man. I didn't see him, I just heard him rev up a chainsaw and I was out of there. Finally was away enough to catch my breath, but they had another surprise just to fuck with people. I'll leave this one at that.

This one by far was the most terrifying of the 5. Even though we were with a big group, they had a lot of great actors in this part, chase scenes, and quite a bit of believable variety. The Kurayami gets to you when you're by yourself, this one doesn't matter the size of the group. This haunted attraction had a scary good execution (Lul, execution. I'm so punny.) and was good at giving the spooks.

I'd have to give this one a 10/10 for being capable to scare such large groups so easily and have them run for their lives in the finale. Possibly the highlight of Indy Screampark.

It's a murderous life for me.

So tonight at work, we were VERY short-handed. And luckily I got bumped up from just a victim to a crazy hillbilly murderer. It was awesome! I could never live up to the other murderers out there in the woods, but I think I got a few people real good. I not near creepy looking nor menacing enough to scare people physically, but I pulled out the psychological scares pretty well. :D Not to mention it was fun being doused in fake blood.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

When they say wet floor....

See this wonderful eye wound? Looks like a crazy spider bite or something or another eh? Well here's the lovely story of my day. It starts with eating lunch at Penn Station with Trea. We both got large drinks, because we were heading to class right after. Well since we were running a bit late, I was in a hurry walking into the school. I gave him the flash-drive to go print our papers out, and said I had to pee real bad. Well you need to realize that the entry way to the bathrooms at school always have the wet floor sign. So I didn't pay it much attention. When I walked through, my foot, clad in a flip-flop hit the only spot of the floor that was wet, and slid forwards. I tried to correct it by sliding it backwards. BAD IDEA!

On any given day at school, I will always have my 40 lb + backpack on both shoulders, therefore waddling throughout the halls like a backwards pregnant lady. Well when my foot went backwards, it took my balance off, and all that extra weight made me really top-heavy. So down I went crashing; face first to the floor, with the extra weight weighing me down. I had my Penn Station cup in my left hand, luckily it stayed there, without spilling everywhere since it was full. But the  unfortunate part of the whole ordeal was my face came crashing down towards the cup, and the hard plastic straw went jabbing into my eye socket, mere millimeters from my eyeball.

Oh and just in case you were wondering, I did get to go pee, once I recovered from the shock and laughed it off a bit. The lady in the bathroom that witnessed it all, was amazed that I could take a spill that brutal, and laugh it off. She has no idea how clumsy I am. :D Pretty sweet story eh?

Monday, October 11, 2010


So as I mentioned earlier.. I am still out at Indy ScreamPark. I absolutely love it. I'm on the makeup team so I was testing out some bruising techniques on a very eager 6 year old. I think they turned out quite nicely. The last picture is an after shot when i got home from work, with some lovely dirtyness going on and some bloody splatters. I'm supposed to have a House of 1000 corpses look going on without being "dead". We've had some really good nights since we opened 3 weeks ago. I look the looks of pure terror, and watching full grown men pick up their kids and hightail it outta there. The best was a girl yelling that "I just peed on myself", or the teenage girls wearing adult diapers because they knew they would get so scared. Ah the life of a haunt actor. :D

Thursday, September 30, 2010


The rules: Don't take too long to think about it. Twenty films you've seen that will always stick with you. List the twenty you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes. 
Tag some of your friends, including me, because I'm interested in seeing what films my friends choose. 

1. Labyrinth- because me and katy and olivia shoving stuff down our pants and dancing like david bowie
2. House- The horror movie, all because of betsy
3. Repo- watched it all the time in my apartment with jenny while playing pogs
4. Across the Universe- trea got me a deluxe edition for christmas. <3
5. Night of the Living dead- got me so into zombies that i got a NOTLD tattoo
6. Nightmare on Elm Street- bunching them all into the same movie because freddy was my horror hero growing up
7. Childs Play- scared me to death for years and years
8. Drop Dead Gorgeous- Help Hank! Help! Hello! lmao
9. Twilight- Me and Trea's first movie we saw together
10. Benjamin Button- first movie i saw with trea on a "date"
11. Batman Dark Knight- heath ledger is a badass
12. Knocked up- i got pink eye cuz he farted on my pillow. lmao... watched it for like 2 days straight
13. Not Another Teen Movie- omg.. good charlotte. 
14. Scary Movie- first "bad" movie i saw
15. An American Tail- watched it sooooo much as a kid. 
16. LotR Return of the King- Lotr party at betsys
17. Lion King- because i choked on ice while watching it in theatres
18. Rose Red- fist stephen king movie i watched all the way through in one sitting
19. Slc Punk- watched it so much with patti i can quote any part of it
20. Pet Semetary- I cried so hard when the little boy got hit..


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Study Study Study

I feel like all I've been doing lately is studying! I knew this semester was going to be hard, but seriously..

But amidst all this study and burying my nose in books,  I have actually found myself a little part time job for the season. I'm spending my free time over at Indy ScreamPark. It's a new haunted house here in Anderson. It's been voted A New Comer of the Year from But I can't do it justice by describing it, but they've made is sound super enticing.

Indy ScreamPark features five unique attractions, as well as a Monster Midway where visitors can enjoy food and drink while playing carnival games and mingling with ghouls, goblins and everything in between.

Attraction 1: Nachtmahr: German for nightmare, this attraction is over
8,000 square feet of state-of-the-art animatronics, computer generated images, and
sounds and lights. It features more than 30 actors in 20 detailed scenes.

Attraction 2: Kurayami: Japanese for black-out, this
attraction utilizes the absence of light to accentuate fear. Kurayami is
inhabited by traditional Japanese warriors who are trained to prey upon the

Attraction 3: Backwoods: The Backwoods is a
horror trail that is almost one half-mile long featuring scenes and characters
throughout the woods that will terrify.

Attraction 4: Dark Harvest: Dark Harvest is a classic walk through the corn combined with high-energy acting and state-of-the-art pyrotechnics to produce an adrenaline filled attraction that will test visitor’s nerves throughout.

Attraction 5: Bedlam 3D: This special 3D haunted house has custom sound, video, illusions and even some crazed clowns that bring this madhouse to life.

Prices are between $20 and $35 depending on which night you decide to come out.. 

More info on the website! 

hope to scare you there!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Apologies

I've been super busy lately. This usually happens the week before school starts. Last minute errands, Birthday Parties, and not to forget my girls day tomorrow. I've been so bogged down, that I haven't had time to keep caught up on the blog.

I'm hoping to get things going again this weekend, so expect a couple posts! Then after that, it will be slow again as I get into the semester. With 14 cr hrs this semester, along with trying to find a part time job and studying for my teas exam, I'll be super busy. But I will definatly try to keep this going.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Online Shopping Spree!

So I was informed today that I'm an queen. Having made probably 30 or more orders off the website in the past few years. I've gotten everything from books, movies, lip rings, clothes, electronics and purses. Everytime though I always end up spending twice as much once I figure in shipping. That's where they stick ya! Buy this item for only 10$! But in tiny tiny print, almost invisible, it says 2093820389$ shipping.

Well yesterday, I got myself signed up for's Student Account! I just linked my regular account with my school email, and input my school and major and Voila! I get some discount on items, but the big kicker is the free one year membership of Amazon Prime! Oh how I'm loving that.

Amazon Prime is a paid "discount" I guess is the best way to put it. The only real benefit from it though is the Free 2-day shipping on all orders fulfilled by Amazon! So the order that I had open that hadn't been paid, I canceled, reorder with my student account and got it free shipping! woohooo!

So if you're in school, get your butt over to Amazon, sign-up for the free student account and start saving today! I know I'm sure loving it!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Cool Tools to Survive School

Hello College! Most high school graduates spend their summer before starting college relaxing with their friends, earning a little extra cash and just plain having fun before they head off on their own. Sure you prolly got the essentials during your open house. Money, mini-fridge, a big box of Ramen Noodles, etc. But when it comes down to the nitty gritty, and its time to get those last minute supplies, check out my list of the top 5 interesting things to add to your college buying checklist!

#5- The Takeout Menu Organizer. 

This stylish little 3 ring binder is the easiest way to keep all the info for all your take-out food needs. Need the number for the local Pizza Hut? Bam! Chinese tonight? Shazam! Liver and steamed beets again in the cafeteria? Never fear, the Take-out Menu organizer has all the numbers you need! It includes:
  • Hardcover 3-ring binder with elastic closure
  • 9 tabbed dividers with menu storage pockets and service records
  • Adhesive tab labels for easy organization
  • Pen and 50-sheet pad for taking orders
  • Frequently called numbers list
  • Helpful ordering advice
  • Tipping guide and chart
  • Dimensions: 10.5" x 12" x 1.25" 
It can be found at for a measly $19.99

#4- The 3 in 1 Breakfast Center
This little baby can do it all. Breakfast without dirtying all those dishes! All in the comforts of your cramped little dorm room. It's big enough to toast bread, make coffee and fry eggs, but not too big that it's gonna take up so much room that you don't have anywhere to put your bulk box of mac and cheese. Perfect for the multi-tasker in all of us. You can find this at many retailers including Target and JCPenny with prices averaging around $39.99. 

#3- The Conceal Bookshelf
Don't have any extra space on your tiny desk to hold those Twilight books you just HAD to bring to school with you? Well then you need the Conceal Bookshelf! Amaze your friends with the wild and wacky bookshelf. Once properly installed with at least one hardcover book on the bottom, this bookshelf looks as if the books are just floating in mid-air! The bookshelf easily holds up to 20 lbs of delicious eye literature candy without being able to tell how it works. You'll look like the coolest book-nerd in school. Product is available at at the price of $9.99 for the standard size which holds 15lbs and $12.95 for the large size. 

#2- The Personal Library Kit
This is probably one of the coolest things I have come across. If you're anything like me, you got books, and lots of them. And when you have tons of books, people are always asking you to borrow them. I don't know how many books I've had to re-buy due to friends who forget to bring them back. But fear no more my friends, has finally brought us the Personal Library Kit. This kit is designed to recreate the actual tools used in libraries.
  • This kit comes with the tools used by professional librarians, 30 self-adhesive pockets, insert cards and "For Reference Only" stickers
  • Also includes a date stamp, stamp pad and pencil
All of this bundled up in a cool wooden storage box! Now if it wasn't taboo to charge my friends late fees on borrowed books! This can be found at for the simple price of $19.99! 

And finally #1- The "Brief Safe"
They say that you gotta be careful around people you don't know. This can be especially true in college dorm life, because you're gonna be around A LOT of people you don't know. And when you're around strangers, you wanna have a way to keep your valuables safe in your room right?! Let me introduce the "Brief Safe." These skid marked unmentionables are the newest technology in valuable storage. Got a big wad of cash sent from Grandma you wanna horde? Well store it in the velcro sealed "fly" of these briefs and toss em in your undies drawer. Guaranteed to keep nosey room and floor mates from snooping for something worth anything when you're not around. Any criminal would avoid these skid-marked skivies like the plague, keeping your treasure safe and sound. They can also double as a laugh worthy prank tool when not being used as your personal vault. Pair these with some Doo-Doo Drops (looks and smells like diarhea. blech)
And you'll feel safe that the conniving guy from down the hall won't get that hot chick's number and ruin your chances will your away on Thanksgiving break. Both can be found at with the briefs going for $19.99 and the Doo-Doo Drops only $7.99 when purchased together. 

So there ya have it folks, my little list to keep your years at college convenient, easy, quick, interesting and even funny.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

All Hail Back to School Fails!

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky...... NOT TONIGHT!

Ah August how I love thee. First you have the sweltering heat. Making your sweatyness get all sweaty. Then you have the back to school rush, which I previously expressed  my love for. State fairs, last minute bbq's and swimming trips, ya gotta admit that August is pretty badass. But tonight is going to be a hell of a night, like always for August. The Perseid Meteor shower.

Every year from mid-July to mid-August the Perseids come streaking through our night skies. Every 130 years, the comet Swift-Tuttle makes a beautiful show in our earthly sky, but for the rest of the 129 years that it's not close enough to be seen, we make a pass through it's debris field, a.k.a. the Perseid Meteors.

The Perseids have been viewed for over 2000 years. Some Catholics refer to the meteor shower as "Tears of St. Lawrence" since the peak date for the showers is between the 9th of August and the 14th of August. St. Lawrence's date of martyrdom is August 11th.

So myself, like many others in the northern hemisphere, will be staking outside, chillaxed back in a dark area, with our eyes to the sky. Tried last year, but the darn moon! It was sooo bright, it drowned out all the prettiness of the meteors. This year should be different because the moon is still new.

But tonight is not just an ordinary peak of the Perseids, tonight is something special. Tonight, Saturn, Mars and Venus will be gathering in the West with the 5-day old crescent moon, to make sort of a Picasso-esqe celestial smiley face. Venus will be a shiny blue-white, while Saturn will be more of a gold, and Mars of course will be blood red. After they set around 9:30, you won't have to wait long to see the meteors! Scientists are predicted that you should be able to see up to 50 meteors per hour starting around 10:30 or 11 pm.

So if you got nothing to do tonight, like me, grab a blanket, some snack and drinks, and head out to your favorite dark secluded place away from city lights. I'll prolly head out to the local state park, or even a soybean field. You won't need binoculars or a telescope, cuz these pretty sights can be seen with the naked eye! I'll be taking my camera, so let's hope for some pictures! Sit back, relax and enjoy the shows ladies and gentlemen.

The leg bone's connected to the uhhhhh....

Like a lot of health sciences students out there, this coming semester I will be embarking on the infamous Anatomy and Physiology 101. And as far as the entrance requirements for any of the health sciences are concerned I HAVE to get an A in that class. I thought everything was gonna be fine and dandy, I mean I'm pretty book smart. Boy was I mislead.

I went and got my 300$ books for the class, opened it and almost cried. There is almost no way I can allot enough time to study this class along with the other 3 classes I'm taking and get an A. Ya gotta know every little bone, muscle, and organ, where they're located, what they do, and their specific name. Just looking at one page made me go cross-eyed. I'm sure if you're taking the class too, you know where I'm coming from.

But alas! We shall not fear my fellow Anatomy students! There is a few cool tools that I've found that I think will help tremendously.

First, for $20 at my schools bookstore, I picked up Netter's Anatomy Coloring Book! According to the description- It's a fun and interactive way to learn the human anatomy. It's totally awesome. It shows pages of muscles, bones and organs, with information about their placement and function but it allows you to color them in, so studying them is quick, easy and color-coded. Perfect for the kid at heart med student!

Another awesome study tool, thanks to the University of Minnesota, is their online tests, games and quizzes. I stumbled across this in a nurse student forums. It has different sections for organ systems, muscle systems etc. I really enjoyed the multiplayer game! It's a jeopardy style mini game that lets you choose which subjects you wanna be quizzed on. The whole thing can be found here: .

Along with these, you can search for anatomy study sheets, etc. I found hundreds, including coloring sheets you can print out. But you gotta remember to go to class, listen, take notes and read the book. That's the best study help you can have. So in two more weeks, we shall find out how much I'm going to rely on this quick study helpers. They can't hurt! I've been checking them out already, just to get a bit of a head start. Now if they could make something awesome like these to help me with my math. >_<

So all those essays and research papers can pay off!?

According to an article on Microsoft is helping students turn their life around because they're profficient at Microsoft Word and Excel.

Over 115,000 people, mostly students have typed and clicked their little hearts out in the Worldwide Competition on Microsoft Office. Microsoft's contest to find the worlds most proficient users of the company's most popular programs.

After a preliminary round, finalists were sent to Utah for the finals to do their exam. They were allotted 50 minutes but most finished within 10-15 minutes with perfect scores. The winners in each of the 4 categories (Word 03, 07 and Excel 03, 07) each won a scholarship of $6,500.

So keep those fingers flying students! Spending countless hours typing away, or more like typing every 5 minutes and playing with the fonts and colors for 20 minutes can possibly pay off in the long run. And to think, I used to believe that I was really good at Word, but I don't think you can use that annoying little paper clip during this contest. >_<

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

College Life 101: Textbooks

School is starting. Everyones favorite time of the year right?! Okay not everyone, but I get a little thrill about this time of year. Always have. I get all giddy and excited pushing my cart around Wal-Mart, throwing pens and notebooks in. Used to be I had to adhere to my mom's strict rules and budget. Now that I'm in college, I get to buy whatever I want. Page markers? Yep, don't need em, but they're neon! 30$ backpack? I could find one cheaper, but it's green and cushy!

It's all fun and games at the store, stockpiling on 25 cent composition books! (Perfect for notes by the way! I used em last semester, one for each class. Cheap easy way to keep notes organized!) Then comes time to walk into the school bookstore to get your textbooks. My first semester of college, I got my books from an online bookstore for my school. Simple and to the point. Granted my pocketbook cried a little at the 400$+ cost. Last semester I decided to get mine at the school bookstore. It's quite an experience to walk in, grab 4 or 5 books, and spend 500$ without the exchange of money. Thank god for financial aid!

But now the semester has ended and I'm left with Math and English books that I don't need. That's the sucky part of college. I'm sure I'm not the only one looking at that Intermediate Algebra book on their shelf and wondering what to do with it. Alas there are plenty of options rather than using it for kindling for your next backyard BBQ and kegger.

Most colleges have whats called a "Book Buyback." It's where you take your unused unwanted leftover books from the previous semester and sell it back to the school for a lil money. The bookstore then uses these books again selling them as "Used" at a lower price. This can be an easy quick way to get rid of them. Though some of the bad things that I have heard are that most schools aren't offering enough of a compensation. Last semester a girl in my math class sold her 200$ English book back to the school for $6! In my opinion, what a rip off!

Besides this method, there are plenty of online sites to sell your books to! They do they same as the bookstores, but sometimes you can find a better deal for you! Some of them include, (which also "rents" textbooks for a significantly lower price), (they even sell older versions!) , and Craiglist. These ways are also good places to look to see if you can get the textbooks you need for a better price than the outrageous prices that the schools charge.

Last semester I ended up doing a Trade-in with I just looked up the books I wanted to sell and printed the packing slip and shipped em off for $4 at the UPS store. A week or two later, I received and gift card! I was able to use this for ANYTHING on the website. I would recommended this method to anyone that is an avid online shopper. It was really cool to get a new purse, lip rings, xbox live card and a book for practically free! I even had a remaining balance to get a used dvd!

Anyway you look at it, those old college textbooks can help you make a lil extra cash, or take some money off that new iPod you want online, rather than collecting dust and space on your shelf. Help a poorer college kid in the economy, SELL THOSE TEXTBOOKS!

Tweet this!

News from and have reported that Twitter will have a cool new feature. A Tweet button! Easiest way to put this, in more simple terms, rather than the super geeky lingo used on the source sites, Twitter will have a new button for websites where you can tweet about what your looking at. From what I'm gathering, it's gonna be very similar to the "share" or "like" buttons that Facebook is utilizing now.

Photo Credits to
This ultimately will make Twitter an even bigger phenomenon that it already is. I may actually even use my Twitter account more than once in a great while! Mashable states that according to the info they have, we could see this nifty lil button come to use as early as Thursday! Killer.

Wednesday Night Giggles

So to start off, I'm starting a weekly post, or rather round up of all the giggle worthy stuff I've stumbled across this past week.

Welcome to the Digital Life

Long have I thought to start a blog, with plenty of hopeless causes. I'm not a specialist in anything really. I'm just a college student. looking to fill my extra time. Which of course I have way too much of. If in that process you learn something, or I make you smile, then my job is complete. I don't know a lot about any one thing, but I know a bit about a lot of things.

I'm a movie buff, a gamer, and an internet nerd. I stay up to date on all the electronics and all things that my generation would be interested in. So although this is a slow start, stay tuned cuz things will be getting interesting.