Thursday, August 12, 2010

So all those essays and research papers can pay off!?

According to an article on Microsoft is helping students turn their life around because they're profficient at Microsoft Word and Excel.

Over 115,000 people, mostly students have typed and clicked their little hearts out in the Worldwide Competition on Microsoft Office. Microsoft's contest to find the worlds most proficient users of the company's most popular programs.

After a preliminary round, finalists were sent to Utah for the finals to do their exam. They were allotted 50 minutes but most finished within 10-15 minutes with perfect scores. The winners in each of the 4 categories (Word 03, 07 and Excel 03, 07) each won a scholarship of $6,500.

So keep those fingers flying students! Spending countless hours typing away, or more like typing every 5 minutes and playing with the fonts and colors for 20 minutes can possibly pay off in the long run. And to think, I used to believe that I was really good at Word, but I don't think you can use that annoying little paper clip during this contest. >_<

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