Thursday, August 12, 2010

The leg bone's connected to the uhhhhh....

Like a lot of health sciences students out there, this coming semester I will be embarking on the infamous Anatomy and Physiology 101. And as far as the entrance requirements for any of the health sciences are concerned I HAVE to get an A in that class. I thought everything was gonna be fine and dandy, I mean I'm pretty book smart. Boy was I mislead.

I went and got my 300$ books for the class, opened it and almost cried. There is almost no way I can allot enough time to study this class along with the other 3 classes I'm taking and get an A. Ya gotta know every little bone, muscle, and organ, where they're located, what they do, and their specific name. Just looking at one page made me go cross-eyed. I'm sure if you're taking the class too, you know where I'm coming from.

But alas! We shall not fear my fellow Anatomy students! There is a few cool tools that I've found that I think will help tremendously.

First, for $20 at my schools bookstore, I picked up Netter's Anatomy Coloring Book! According to the description- It's a fun and interactive way to learn the human anatomy. It's totally awesome. It shows pages of muscles, bones and organs, with information about their placement and function but it allows you to color them in, so studying them is quick, easy and color-coded. Perfect for the kid at heart med student!

Another awesome study tool, thanks to the University of Minnesota, is their online tests, games and quizzes. I stumbled across this in a nurse student forums. It has different sections for organ systems, muscle systems etc. I really enjoyed the multiplayer game! It's a jeopardy style mini game that lets you choose which subjects you wanna be quizzed on. The whole thing can be found here: .

Along with these, you can search for anatomy study sheets, etc. I found hundreds, including coloring sheets you can print out. But you gotta remember to go to class, listen, take notes and read the book. That's the best study help you can have. So in two more weeks, we shall find out how much I'm going to rely on this quick study helpers. They can't hurt! I've been checking them out already, just to get a bit of a head start. Now if they could make something awesome like these to help me with my math. >_<

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