Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Online Shopping Spree!

So I was informed today that I'm an queen. Having made probably 30 or more orders off the website in the past few years. I've gotten everything from books, movies, lip rings, clothes, electronics and purses. Everytime though I always end up spending twice as much once I figure in shipping. That's where they stick ya! Buy this item for only 10$! But in tiny tiny print, almost invisible, it says 2093820389$ shipping.

Well yesterday, I got myself signed up for's Student Account! I just linked my regular account with my school email, and input my school and major and Voila! I get some discount on items, but the big kicker is the free one year membership of Amazon Prime! Oh how I'm loving that.

Amazon Prime is a paid "discount" I guess is the best way to put it. The only real benefit from it though is the Free 2-day shipping on all orders fulfilled by Amazon! So the order that I had open that hadn't been paid, I canceled, reorder with my student account and got it free shipping! woohooo!

So if you're in school, get your butt over to Amazon, sign-up for the free student account and start saving today! I know I'm sure loving it!

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