Friday, August 13, 2010

Cool Tools to Survive School

Hello College! Most high school graduates spend their summer before starting college relaxing with their friends, earning a little extra cash and just plain having fun before they head off on their own. Sure you prolly got the essentials during your open house. Money, mini-fridge, a big box of Ramen Noodles, etc. But when it comes down to the nitty gritty, and its time to get those last minute supplies, check out my list of the top 5 interesting things to add to your college buying checklist!

#5- The Takeout Menu Organizer. 

This stylish little 3 ring binder is the easiest way to keep all the info for all your take-out food needs. Need the number for the local Pizza Hut? Bam! Chinese tonight? Shazam! Liver and steamed beets again in the cafeteria? Never fear, the Take-out Menu organizer has all the numbers you need! It includes:
  • Hardcover 3-ring binder with elastic closure
  • 9 tabbed dividers with menu storage pockets and service records
  • Adhesive tab labels for easy organization
  • Pen and 50-sheet pad for taking orders
  • Frequently called numbers list
  • Helpful ordering advice
  • Tipping guide and chart
  • Dimensions: 10.5" x 12" x 1.25" 
It can be found at for a measly $19.99

#4- The 3 in 1 Breakfast Center
This little baby can do it all. Breakfast without dirtying all those dishes! All in the comforts of your cramped little dorm room. It's big enough to toast bread, make coffee and fry eggs, but not too big that it's gonna take up so much room that you don't have anywhere to put your bulk box of mac and cheese. Perfect for the multi-tasker in all of us. You can find this at many retailers including Target and JCPenny with prices averaging around $39.99. 

#3- The Conceal Bookshelf
Don't have any extra space on your tiny desk to hold those Twilight books you just HAD to bring to school with you? Well then you need the Conceal Bookshelf! Amaze your friends with the wild and wacky bookshelf. Once properly installed with at least one hardcover book on the bottom, this bookshelf looks as if the books are just floating in mid-air! The bookshelf easily holds up to 20 lbs of delicious eye literature candy without being able to tell how it works. You'll look like the coolest book-nerd in school. Product is available at at the price of $9.99 for the standard size which holds 15lbs and $12.95 for the large size. 

#2- The Personal Library Kit
This is probably one of the coolest things I have come across. If you're anything like me, you got books, and lots of them. And when you have tons of books, people are always asking you to borrow them. I don't know how many books I've had to re-buy due to friends who forget to bring them back. But fear no more my friends, has finally brought us the Personal Library Kit. This kit is designed to recreate the actual tools used in libraries.
  • This kit comes with the tools used by professional librarians, 30 self-adhesive pockets, insert cards and "For Reference Only" stickers
  • Also includes a date stamp, stamp pad and pencil
All of this bundled up in a cool wooden storage box! Now if it wasn't taboo to charge my friends late fees on borrowed books! This can be found at for the simple price of $19.99! 

And finally #1- The "Brief Safe"
They say that you gotta be careful around people you don't know. This can be especially true in college dorm life, because you're gonna be around A LOT of people you don't know. And when you're around strangers, you wanna have a way to keep your valuables safe in your room right?! Let me introduce the "Brief Safe." These skid marked unmentionables are the newest technology in valuable storage. Got a big wad of cash sent from Grandma you wanna horde? Well store it in the velcro sealed "fly" of these briefs and toss em in your undies drawer. Guaranteed to keep nosey room and floor mates from snooping for something worth anything when you're not around. Any criminal would avoid these skid-marked skivies like the plague, keeping your treasure safe and sound. They can also double as a laugh worthy prank tool when not being used as your personal vault. Pair these with some Doo-Doo Drops (looks and smells like diarhea. blech)
And you'll feel safe that the conniving guy from down the hall won't get that hot chick's number and ruin your chances will your away on Thanksgiving break. Both can be found at with the briefs going for $19.99 and the Doo-Doo Drops only $7.99 when purchased together. 

So there ya have it folks, my little list to keep your years at college convenient, easy, quick, interesting and even funny.

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