Thursday, December 23, 2010

30 day challenge

Day One: A Picture of Yourself With Ten Facts

 1. I'm studying to become a nurse
2. I live with my boyfriend and his family
3. I'm a zombie fanatic. 
4. I'm finally learning how to love myself again. 
5. I have few friends, but who I have I love
6. I worked at a haunted house this past Halloween. 
7. I usually do more for others than for myself. 
8. I spend wayyyy too much time on facebook. 
9. I love reading and do it every night. 
10. I love to travel and wish I could do it more. 

Lets see what the rest of the month brings!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Around the Net

I stole the idea from AOTS, but here's the weirdest video of the day. Just try to stop watching it. :D

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do I really only post once a month?! Lame!

I know it hasn't been a full month since my last post, but it's pretty damn close.

I was quite right in my prediction that the holidays would bring more interesting news. Well the only holiday to past since my last post was Thanksgiving but who the hell cares? Well Turkey Day was quite interesting, and it was my first one since moving in with the boyfriend and his family. I'm not used to big fanfare over holidays since my family has kinda waned on get togethers over the holidays since majority of the time half of em are mad at each other for some stupid reason or another.

Well needless to say I left around noonish to take Seth to Wal-Mart to get him a birthday present since his birthday unfortunately landed on the same day. We left the house with the regulars of Rene, Terry, Caden, Kyan and Trea along with Terry's sister Judy, her boyfriend and the family friend Wesley. We returned about 30-40 minutes later with like over 25 more people in the house. It was intense.

Later in the evening, while looking at black friday ad's one of trea's aunts came up and asked me to find the lowest price on a "wii-wii." I was cracking up.

I left around 11pm to begin my black friday adventure, stopping at wal-mart first, where i was only able to get a fraction of the things that i was sent out for due to miscommunications and the like. After that fiasco, I sped over to target to get in line. I was not about to let the things i wanted there sell out. Stood in line for 3 1/2 hours there in 26 degree weather. it was okay though, i met two lovely ladies that i was able to talk to, and we held spots for each other so one of us could go and pee at the white castle.

I eventually made it through target, kmart, big lots and jo-ann fabrics, before collapsing at home around 9am on friday morning. 200$ give or take spent, and majority of my christmas shopping done. Needless to say, I'll definatly do it again next year, but hopefully with a better plan.

So now its a little over a week before christmas, and life is busy but boring at the same time. I have my finals this week, which i'm not too worried about. I also have to finish my scheduling stuff for next semester and get my materials.

but hopefully I can remember to get on here and blog a little bit more before the christmas, but I wouldn't doubt that i wont. between my facebook addiction, and stuff to get done around the house, who knows. But i will definitely be preparing some more posts, and possibly even think about starting a youtube channel, so that i can do videos as well.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Over a month! Really?!

Has it honestly been over a month since my last blog post?! Wow. Time sure is flying I guess. The thing is, I don't feel like I'm as busy as I am, and I don't feel like time flies this quickly.

Well, to catch up I guess, the haunted house is over, and has been for a while. I still feel the effects of it from time to time, when I try to sing high notes or scream my voice cuts out a little bit. Other than that my vocal chords recovered with little damage. The extra money was nice to have too. I was able to save it up for Christmas gifts!

Speaking of Christmas, since Black Friday is right around the corner (this Friday to be exact), I been making out list after list. This is going to be my first year that I go Black Friday shopping and get majority of my shopping done before December. And with that money I saved back, it's going to be a pretty decent Christmas from me. Much like the year I worked at Sallie Mae, and was able to get cool stuff for everyone.

Other than all of that, well I just been spending my time working away at schoolwork, and relaxing at home with Trea and everybody. I guess I don't really have much to say, but I have a feeling that the holidays will bring more interesting news.

Friday, October 15, 2010

More Haunted House Blah Blah Blah (ripped a review that I like from a blog)

So I was browsing reviews of the haunted house, because hearing that people got freaked gets me psyched out for work. Here's one I stole from a blog on


This one was in the wooded area. And had the common theme of creepy country folk hillbilly people...

The only light sources provided are those of glowsticks. They aren't that large, either. But they have you go in groups of around 12, with 4 or 5 glowsticks sprinkled through. They only lit up about 2-3 feet in front of you if you held them up above your head, but then that made you look like a target. T_T

Granted, this was really neat because you had to follow the pathway and they had different scenarios set up. The first you encounter is an enlarged outhouse. My cousin Patrick went in and we just watched him instead. (Even the people we didn't know. We were all pansies. Yep.) And he didn't see the guy in the back corner, I was the first to see him so I screamed and bolted past everyone. >.> Ditching the nearly 9 year old... >.>;; Don't judge me, shit was scary.

They had homes that belonged to all kinds of crazy people. Like a hunter with animal bodies and furs dangling all over the ceiling. The hunter himself was scary as hell and blocked the doorway andandandandand... D: Just all kinds of heeeeeeeebeeeeeeeeeejeebees. (It needed the emphasis, you weren't there!) There was the demented mechanic's place, but I had a tough time because scared there. It was Scooter's Auto and Body Shop. So of course I giggled. C'mon and catch a riiide! Only my sister understood the reference. Anyways, what followed were abandoned homes with creaky windows, a mobile home with an old woman who sang songs and yelled at people, men in ghillie suits who just crept up out of no where, and a house with a woman behind a shower curtain. Her silhouette alone was terrifying and seeing another appear behind her to take her out... D:

There were children in the last house just sitting and chanting and praying and then you go into their closet, with clothes you have to dodge (random body parts included!), where you encounter a giant steel door. This was the home of their boogey man. I didn't see him, I just heard him rev up a chainsaw and I was out of there. Finally was away enough to catch my breath, but they had another surprise just to fuck with people. I'll leave this one at that.

This one by far was the most terrifying of the 5. Even though we were with a big group, they had a lot of great actors in this part, chase scenes, and quite a bit of believable variety. The Kurayami gets to you when you're by yourself, this one doesn't matter the size of the group. This haunted attraction had a scary good execution (Lul, execution. I'm so punny.) and was good at giving the spooks.

I'd have to give this one a 10/10 for being capable to scare such large groups so easily and have them run for their lives in the finale. Possibly the highlight of Indy Screampark.

It's a murderous life for me.

So tonight at work, we were VERY short-handed. And luckily I got bumped up from just a victim to a crazy hillbilly murderer. It was awesome! I could never live up to the other murderers out there in the woods, but I think I got a few people real good. I not near creepy looking nor menacing enough to scare people physically, but I pulled out the psychological scares pretty well. :D Not to mention it was fun being doused in fake blood.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

When they say wet floor....

See this wonderful eye wound? Looks like a crazy spider bite or something or another eh? Well here's the lovely story of my day. It starts with eating lunch at Penn Station with Trea. We both got large drinks, because we were heading to class right after. Well since we were running a bit late, I was in a hurry walking into the school. I gave him the flash-drive to go print our papers out, and said I had to pee real bad. Well you need to realize that the entry way to the bathrooms at school always have the wet floor sign. So I didn't pay it much attention. When I walked through, my foot, clad in a flip-flop hit the only spot of the floor that was wet, and slid forwards. I tried to correct it by sliding it backwards. BAD IDEA!

On any given day at school, I will always have my 40 lb + backpack on both shoulders, therefore waddling throughout the halls like a backwards pregnant lady. Well when my foot went backwards, it took my balance off, and all that extra weight made me really top-heavy. So down I went crashing; face first to the floor, with the extra weight weighing me down. I had my Penn Station cup in my left hand, luckily it stayed there, without spilling everywhere since it was full. But the  unfortunate part of the whole ordeal was my face came crashing down towards the cup, and the hard plastic straw went jabbing into my eye socket, mere millimeters from my eyeball.

Oh and just in case you were wondering, I did get to go pee, once I recovered from the shock and laughed it off a bit. The lady in the bathroom that witnessed it all, was amazed that I could take a spill that brutal, and laugh it off. She has no idea how clumsy I am. :D Pretty sweet story eh?