Wednesday, October 13, 2010

When they say wet floor....

See this wonderful eye wound? Looks like a crazy spider bite or something or another eh? Well here's the lovely story of my day. It starts with eating lunch at Penn Station with Trea. We both got large drinks, because we were heading to class right after. Well since we were running a bit late, I was in a hurry walking into the school. I gave him the flash-drive to go print our papers out, and said I had to pee real bad. Well you need to realize that the entry way to the bathrooms at school always have the wet floor sign. So I didn't pay it much attention. When I walked through, my foot, clad in a flip-flop hit the only spot of the floor that was wet, and slid forwards. I tried to correct it by sliding it backwards. BAD IDEA!

On any given day at school, I will always have my 40 lb + backpack on both shoulders, therefore waddling throughout the halls like a backwards pregnant lady. Well when my foot went backwards, it took my balance off, and all that extra weight made me really top-heavy. So down I went crashing; face first to the floor, with the extra weight weighing me down. I had my Penn Station cup in my left hand, luckily it stayed there, without spilling everywhere since it was full. But the  unfortunate part of the whole ordeal was my face came crashing down towards the cup, and the hard plastic straw went jabbing into my eye socket, mere millimeters from my eyeball.

Oh and just in case you were wondering, I did get to go pee, once I recovered from the shock and laughed it off a bit. The lady in the bathroom that witnessed it all, was amazed that I could take a spill that brutal, and laugh it off. She has no idea how clumsy I am. :D Pretty sweet story eh?

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